Monetized Justice

New Meanings of the Penal Fine in Consumer Societies

Monetary penalties and compensations are ubiquitous. They outnumber all other sanctions delivered by criminal justice in many European countries. In a monetized society, in which money is increasingly available and all objects can be exchanged for money, fines take on new meanings, which will be investigated in the context of this project. It will be taken into account that the fine is the only type of penal sanction where the burden need not be borne by the wrongdoer and that, unlike virtually all other sanctions, it is always redistributed.

Projektkategorie: Forschungsprojekt
Organisatorischer Status: Einzelprojekt
Projektlaufzeit: Projektbeginn: 2013
Projektende: 2015
Projektstatus: laufend
Projektsprache(n): Englisch
Rechtsordnung(en): Westeuropa
Systematische Gliederungspunkte: Geldstrafe; Zeit und Geld; Strafensystem; Konsumgesellschaften; Strafsoziologie


  • Prof. Dr. Patricia Faraldo Cabana [Email]
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