Research in the Department of Criminology

IV. Focal Point: Crime, Social Context, and Social Change

The research projects in this section are dedicated to examining and explaining various criminal phenomena [more]

Current Projects:

Freiburg Cohort Study Volker Grundies
Implementation and Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana in Uruguay Pablo Galain Palermo, Hans-Jörg Albrecht
Familial Homicide-Suicide in European Countries

          The European Homicide-Suicide Study (EHSS)

Dietrich Oberwittler

Completed Projects | Sorted by Topic:

Criminal Law as a Means of Regulation: The Interplay between Economic, Legal and Political Rationalities in the Prohibition of Insider Trading and its Enforcement Csaba Györy
Crime and the Elderly Franziska Kunz
The Prosecution of Doping in Spain and Germany – Formal Controls vs. Self Regulation Moritz Tauschwitz
Honour Killings in Germany, 1996–2005 Dietrich Oberwittler, Julia Kasselt
The Social Construction and Prosecution of Hate Crime in Germany Alke Glet
Patterns of Offending Behaviour Carina Tetal
Explanation and Development of Juvenile Crime Researcher(s)
Police and Adolescents in Multi-Ethnic Societies (POLIS) Hans-Jörg Albrecht,
Dietrich Oberwittler
Sebastian Roché (UPMF)
The Effect of Intensive Probation on Juvenile and Adolescent Intensive Offenders – An Evaluation of the Pilot Project "Rubikon" Rita Haverkamp,
Maria Walsh
Hate Crimes — The Impact of Imprisonment on Violent Juvenile Offenders Hans-Jörg Albrecht
Sub-project: Right-Wing Extremism and the Juvenile Penal System — The Impact of Imprisonment on Right-Wing Extremist Attitudes of Violent Juvenile Offenders Figen Özsöz
Sub-project: Hate Crime — Prison Experience and its Impact on Self Concept and Identity of Juvenile Xenophobic Violent Criminals Martin Brandenstein
Beyond Self-Control: Analysis and Critique of Gottfredson & Hirschi's General Theory of Crime Publication Stefan Schulz

Completed Projects Sorted by Researcher: A – W

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