Research in the Department of Criminal Law

I. Research Program

Research projects in the Department of Criminal Law are pursued in accordance with the department's research program. A  condensed version of the research program is available online. The full version of the research program is also available in German (courtesy of the Walter de Gruyter publishing group).

II. Research Projects

The following overview can be used to survey department projects. Please click on the project heading for more detailed information. You may also access individual Project Summaries.


First Research Focus:

Transnational crime, territorial limits of criminal law, system of transnational criminal law

1. Fundamental Questions

Project namePerson(s) responsible
Basic Principles of the Harmonization of Criminal Law: "Les chemins de l'harmonisation pénale"Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Prof. Dr. Mireille Delmas-Marty, Collège de France, Paris
Prof. Dr. Mark Pieth, Universität Basel

2. European Criminal Law

Project namePerson(s) responsible
Handbook of European Criminal LawProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
† Franz-Hermann Brüner, European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
Prof. Dr. Bernd von Heintschel-Heinegg, University of Regensburg
Prof. Dr. Helmut Satzger, University of Munich
Dr. Harald Weiß
Rethinking European Criminal JusticeProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
EuroNeedsDr. Marianne Wade
Implementation of the Framework Decision on the European Arrest Warrant in the Member States of the European UnionProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Dr. Peggy Pfützner, LL.M. (Köln/Paris)
European Criminal DefenseProf. Dr. Jörg Arnold
Sovereignty and Criminal Law: The Dual Criminality Requirement in International Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal MattersDr. Nadja Capus, Marie Curie Fellow
Criminal Procedure in EuropeDr. Barbara Huber
Dr. Richard K. Vogler, University of Sussex, UK

3. International Criminal Law

Project name Person(s) responsible
Sea Piracy Anna Petrig, LL.M. (Harvard)
Internationalization of Criminal Law by the United Nations Security Council Dr. Julia Macke
General Legal Principles of International Criminal Law on the Criminal Liability of Leaders of Criminal Groups and Networks Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Privatdozent Dr. Hans-Georg Koch
Jan-Michael Simon
National Prosecution of International Crimes Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Prof. Dr. Albin Eser, M.C.J.
Dr. Helmut Kreicker
International Criminal Law in Romania Dr. Johanna Rinceanu, LL.M.
Referral Practice of Cases from International to National Justice Mechanisms Dr. Jennifer Schuetze-Reymann
International Arrest Warrants in Ongoing Conflicts Dr. Mayeul Hiéramente

Second Research Focus:

Complex crime, functional limits of criminal law, new forms of social control

1. Terrorism and Organized Crime

Project namePerson(s) responsible
Limits of the Prohibition against TortureDr. Linus Sonderegger
Preventive Detention as an Instrument of CounterterrorismDr. Tim Nikolas Müller
Restricting Personal Liberty by means of Terrorism Legislation in the United KingdomDr. Susanne Forster, LL.M.
Limits of Criminal Law in Terrorism Legislation – A Comparative Analysis of Germany and EnglandDr. Sarah Herbert
Counter-Terrorism Legislation: Balancing Security and Liberty in Germany and ChinaDr. Zunyou Zhou, LL.M. (Beijing)
Cyberterrorism and Harmonization of Criminal ProsecutionProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Dr. Phillip W. Brunst
Organized Crime in French Criminal ProcedureDr. Peggy Pfützner, LL.M. (Köln/Paris)
Participation in a Criminal Association and ConspiracyDr. Almir Maljević, LL.M.
Criminal Law and Gacaca: Coming to Terms with the Rwandan Genocide by means of a Pluralistic Legal ModelDr. Nandor Knust

2. Cybercrime

Project namePerson(s) responsible
Extraterritorial Prosecution of CybercrimeProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Prof. Dr. Bert-Jaap Koops, Universität Tilburg
Protecting Nations against Illegal Content in the Internet by means of Blocking OrdersProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Malaika Nolde, LL.M.
Scope and Limits of Anonymity in the InternetDr. Phillip W. Brunst
Online Auction FraudDr. Andreas Dingler
An International Comparative Study of Computer Crime LawsProf. Dr. Ulrich Sieber

4. Fundamental Issues of the Life Sciences and Medicine

Project name Person(s) responsible
Possibilities and Limits of the Criminal Law against Pharmaceutical CounterfeitingPrivatdozent Dr. Hans-Georg Koch
The Status of Extracorporeal EmbryosProf. Dr. Albin Eser, M.C.J.
Privatdozent Dr. Hans-Georg Koch

5. Other Issues Arising in the Context of the Second Research Focus

Project name Person(s) responsible
Monetized Justice Prof. Dr. Patricia Faraldo Cabana
Retaliation-Mediation-Punishment Jan-Michael Simon
Dr. Pablo Galain Palermo
Criminal Law in Reaction to State Crime Prof. Dr. Albin Eser, M.C.J.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Prof. Dr. Jörg Arnold (Project Coordinator)
Dealing with Dangerous, Criminally Responsible (Repeat) Offenders Privatdozent Dr. Hans-Georg Koch
Limits on the Protection of Legal Interests in the Criminalization of Incest Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Albrecht
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Dr. Konstanze Jarvers
Widespread and Petty Crime and the Italian Justice of the Peace Dr. Konstanze Jarvers
The Role of Honor in Criminal Law Dr. Silvia Tellenbach

Third Research Focus:

Methodological issues in comparative criminal law and international criminal law doctrine

Project name Person(s) responsible
International Max Planck Information System for Comparative Criminal Law Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sieber
Dr. Konstanze Jarvers
Emily Silverman, J.D. (Berkeley Law), LL.M.
Comparison of the Structures of Criminal Law Prof. Dr. Albin Eser, M.C.J.
Prof. Dr. Walter Perron, Universität Freiburg

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