Former Collaborators

You have been referred to this page because the person you are looking for is no longer working at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law.

If you have questions concerning a project that was conducted at the Institute by a former researcher, please contact PD Dr. Hans-Georg Koch (for all projects concerning criminal law) or Dr. Dina Hummelsheim-Doß (for all projects concerning criminology). They may be able to provide you with additional material or detailed information concerning the project. If similar work is currently being carried out at the Institute, you will also receive the name of the present researcher.

If you wish to establish direct contact with the former researcher, we will try to provide the necessary support. If the current address of that person is available, your message will be forwarded so that he/she can contact you. However, in some cases, we may not have his/her current contact address. In these cases, we will unfortunately be unable to help you. Due to German data protection regulations, we cannot provide any further information about the person. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Last update: 1 March 2017
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