You are interested in a research stay....

The Max Planck Institute for foreign and international Criminal Law in Freiburg attracts researchers from all over the world by offering excellent possibilities to realise individual research projects in the fields of criminal law, criminal procedure and criminology in a limited period of time. The proximity to the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and the close cooperation with it ensures moreover a particular intensive support for the researchers of the Institute.

Receiving many international applications for a research stay, the Institute unfortunately has to restrict the admitted number of guest researchers caused by the limited infrastructure (e.g. availability of research places and the edp resources). Therefore an early application for the very popular summer time from June until August is highly recommended.

The Institute aims to consider those applicants, submitting a research plan that on one hand fits the research program of the Institute and on the other hand let expect a very promising stay.

Regularly organized lecture activities provide the guest researchers a frame to present their research results to a competent audience. This opportunity is welcome to be followed by discussions with the Directors, research collegues or other guests.

In compliance with the instruction of the Max Planck Society the Institute concludes with all arriving guest researchers a guest res­id­en­cy agree­ment  for the duration of the planned research stay.

For your stay we offer the following conceptions:

Guest researcher    (duration longer than 5 days)