In­form­a­tion for ex­tern­al users

Ex­tern­al users with a re­search in­terest may be gran­ted ac­cess to the lib­rary as day guests. A writ­ten re­quest must be sub­mit­ted in ad­vance.

Fac­ulty mem­bers of the Uni­versity of Freiburg or oth­er Freiburg uni­versit­ies and col­leges as well as their as­sist­ants will find in­form­a­tion on ac­cess to the lib­rary on the page Faculty members (FR) .

The lib­rary is open to day guests dur­ing the In­sti­tu­te's open­ing hours. Day guests who have been gran­ted ac­cess for one day, however, are asked to ar­rive dur­ing the lib­rary's ser­vice hours. On their first vis­it, the same ap­plies to day guests with spe­cial per­mis­sion to use the lib­rary for sev­er­al days.

If you would like to sub­mit a writ­ten re­quest to use the lib­rary as a day guest, please fill out the on­line form be­low. You can ex­pect to re­ceive a reply from us with­in 1 to 2 work­ing days.

Request for access to the library

Please list here the publications that you would like to use in the MPI library that are not available elsewhere in Freiburg.