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In order to play an active role in ongoing international discussions on criminal law and criminal policy, it has become increasingly important to publish and give presentations in English. Since English has become the lingua franca of research, its use ensures easy accessibility of the contributions of MPI researchers and external research partners to legal experts and policy-makers from around the world. The Translation Section is the driving force behind this information exchange: it is responsible for revising highly specialized legal texts submitted in English by non-native speakers that deal with both German and other legal systems and for translating into English such texts submitted in German.

The preparation of high-quality English-language publications and presentations requires more than just the mere mastery of the English and German languages. When revising or translating specialized legal texts, the translator must not only be exceedingly familiar with the German legal system but must also possess fundamental knowledge of other systems of law, especially the common law. Sound dogmatic and systematic skills are needed in order to convey accurately in English such distinctly German concepts as “Tatbestand,” “Schuld,” or “Täterschaft.” When describing foreign legal systems in English, it is crucial to avoid misunderstandings, a problem that can easily result from the imprecise use of English legal terms. In addition, a skilled translator must recognize those English expressions that are associated with specific common law concepts, thus rendering them inappropriate for the description of a concept from a foreign legal system.

Current Projects

  • eucrim - online journal of the european criminal law associations' forum / successor to Agon

Indira Tie, native English speaker and certified translator, is responsible for proofreading all English articles, reports, and new items published in the journal. She corrects errors in spelling and grammar, checks hyperlinks to ensure the accuracy of cited material, and makes suggestions – which are discussed with the Managing Editors – to improve overall coherence. Prior to publication, Ms. Tie reviews the final version of texts to ensure that all necessary changes have been implemented. In addition, Indira Tie has begun compiling a “eucrim” glossary of European legal terms and a style manual to assist in the publication of future issues of the journal.

    Publications (selection)

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