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  1. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Ongoing

    Sex of­fend­ers in the so­cial thera­peut­ic in­sti­tu­tions in the Free State of Sax­ony

    Project Lead: Gunda Woessner

    This project evaluates the treatment of sexual offenders in Saxony’s social therapeutic institutions through an analysis of the causes and rates of criminal relapse amongst sexual offenders, including an assessment of criminogenic factors, therapeutic measures, and the climate in the correctional facilities. Questions are also raised as to whether improvements can be made to current methods of ...

  2. Criminology, Dissertation, Departmental project, Ongoing

    Rees­tab­lish­ing Nor­mal­ity

    Project Lead: Gunda Woessner, Kira-Sophie Gauder M.A.

    The project investigates life-courses and reentry-processes after prison release. It provides an insight into the social reality and lifeworld of released sex offenders, focusing on reentry and efforts to reestablish a so-called “normal” life.

  3. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Ongoing

    Crim­in­al Sanc­tion and Re­cidiv­ism

    Project Lead: Dr. Carina Tetal, Volker Grundies

    The aim of this longitudinal study is to analyze the criminal behavior of convicted individuals. Reconviction by type of offense, sanction, and socio-demographic characteristics like age and gender will be researched. The results of the first three waves of data collection are now available and cover the reconviction of persons convicted or released from prison in 2004, 2007, or 2010. The proje...

  4. Criminology, Completed

    The Role of In­di­vidu­als in Com­pli­ance Pro­grams

    Project Lead: Yuning Ruiheng

    The project conducts comparative research between the USA and Germany on compliance program regimes in order to determine how such programs can best be implemented in China at both, a legislative and practice level.

  5. Criminology, Research project, Departmental project, Completed

    The Trans­ition from To­tal­it­ari­an­ism to the Rule of Law

    Project Lead: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Prof. Dr. Eliko Ciklauri-Lammich

    This project on the development of criminal policy and criminal law in the countries of the former Soviet Union is closely connected to the Institute’s long-running German-Soviet colloquia on criminal law and criminology, as well as numerous national and international meetings that have occurred in the years since the end of the Cold War. It is hoped that the current project will not only expla...

  6. Criminology, Research project, Institute project, Ongoing

    Freiburg Co­hort Study

    Project Lead: Dr. Volker Grundies

    The aim of this study is to investigate, via official data, the emergence and evolution of crime, judicial reactions towards crime, and criminal careers. The Freiburg Cohort Study is a long-term project, which, due to its specific cohort design and its extensive period of evaluation, is unique in Germany. The following issues are of central importance to the study: Which age-dependent course...

  7. Criminology, Ongoing

    European Journ­al for Se­cur­ity Re­search

    Project Lead: Hans-Jörg Albrecht, Dr. Christopher Murphy

    With an emphasis on the interdisciplinary efforts of all the humanities and technological sciences, the European Journal for Security Research provides a comprehensive platform to discuss a wide-range of security research topics. It offers a uniquely European forum for debate on social security research developments and how they are transforming our world.